Ascension were one of the first sign companies in the North East to offer the facility to print full colour photographic images and graphics directly onto the PVC or fabric banner. With this option the only restriction is your imagination. They are sure to stop people dead in their tracks and will typically last 5 years outdoor.

If you see a magnifying glass over a photograph click it to see more of that project.

Below: Two superb examples of full colour digitally printed PVC banners for a Poker Events Company exhibition stand. 2.4m x 4m and 2.4m x 2m - so big we just got them on the factory floor to photograph.

Below: A unique banner system held in place with a series of metal post and bars. These really put Luma Bar In Sunderland City Centre on the map.

More exciting banners below:


Click the pic below to see more of this 40ft x 40ft digitally printed building wrap for the new owners of The Grand Hotel, Hartlepool.

Click the photo below to see more:

To mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade Durham University Archives Dept. asked us to produce a 10metre x 30metre (30ft x 100ft) digitally printed mesh which would depict a life size image of an 18th century slave ship.

Below: Another huge advertising banner which measures 10ft x 54ft and covers the whole length of the Marsden Rattler train. All digitally printed - no sticky letters here!!

Below: A stunning 5ft x 8ft banner for a local Soccer Coaching company. Go to the vehicle graphics section to see the full project.

Below: A great example of a super large format banner. The Citroen car banner below is full colour and 10ft high and 60 ft wide, yes 60ft wide. This banner will be at home on a side of a building or anyway big enough. It's super tough and will last for years and years.

More exciting banners below: